• Reiki

Reiki is a deeply transformative relaxation therapy, you will be guided to a space of light and love. It’s where time is an illusion and your medicine is the oscillator for this healing. A wonderful way to reconnect with the self and awaken your spirit within. Includes Personalised Flower Essence to support your vibration.

75 Mins $95

  • Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling takes a vitalistic approach to helping a client, using empirical methods. Harmonising emotional imbalances by empowering thoughts and behavioural patterns, which inspires you to live an authentic life. I use gentle techniques of therapy that promotes self-healing, with the use of some wonderful modalities, we can create a space of insight, inspiration and support for your journey of self discovery. Includes Solar Writer Report for extra guidance.

90 Mins $110

  • Holistic Counselling and Reiki Healing

Integrating both Holistic Counselling techniques of therapy and a Reiki Healing. We begin by opening up communication together and allowing anything that is in need of surfacing to come through and out, holding space of light and love. We finish with an hour of Emotional Reiki Healing to release energy that has been held around those issues and create balance throughout. Includes Solar Writer Report for extra guidance and Personalised Flower Essence to support your vibration.

120 Mins $155

Alchemical Herbalism – COMING SOON

Alchemical Herbalism is an ancient profound technique of healing that integrates a holistic connection between the people and the plants. Making medicines using the whole plant- Salt (body), Mercury (soul) and Sulphur (spirit), and transforming it using all of the elements- Earth (Solid), Water (Liquid), Air (Gaseous), Fire (Combustion) and Ether (quintessence- harmonisation of the elements), this type of plant medicine is called Spagyrics and can heal you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Bridging Science, Spirituality and Medicine a truly Holistic approach to transformational healing.

  • Flower Therapy

Flower Essences- What are they?

Herbal Decoctions from the flowering part of the plant made in a way to embody its higher vibrational (electromagnetic current) medicine, which targets emotional and mental sensitivities. We each have a unique life force (electromagnetic field) which vibrates out layers of energy. When these energies are under stress or imbalanced they can affect our emotional, mental, and spiritual state of wellbeing. Flower Essences work in a deeply healing and gentle way to bring these energies back into alignment.

From $15.95

  • Astrology

Astrology is a pseudoscience of symbolic systems that generate meanings and energies transmitted by the planets in our solar system and stars in the celestial sphere. At the moment of our birth the planets and stars forecast a blueprint into our spirits that determine strengths and vulnerabilities in our personalities and life events.

Solar Writer Report

A complete and comprehensive natal chart to determine where all the major planets and astral bodies were placed at your birth and how they influence your emotions, decisions, ideas, strengths and vulnerabilities. This chart will help guide and ignite your own light and the magic you can bring to this life.

From $25

Wellness Products

The one stop healing shop, with spells and potions to support you in various ways. 100% Natural Handmade Soaps, Bath and Body Products. Ingredients Ethically Sourced From The Earth. Australian Owned.

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